Trinity Term Positions!

Applications for Trinity Term board positions for Oxford Women in Politics are now open! They are due by May 2nd at 5 pm to Positions in Trinity Term are  great opportunity to get more involved in OxWiP next academic year, so please do consider applying. Continue reading Trinity Term Positions!

Notes from the Women in the Boardroom Conference

Women in the Boardroom Conference: 30.1.16 Notes from the Event by a Participant. While these notes are extensive, they do not represent all the information relayed in the event nor do they fully reflect the statements made by the panelists. OxWiP does not endorse this material but offers it as a informative source for its members. Case for Board Diversity Business Case for Diversity Improved Financial Performance: companies with higher percentages of women outperform by 36% return on equity more higher per-person revenues without loss of quality Greater Innovation: female board directors are better Mirroring Your Customers: female product companies … Continue reading Notes from the Women in the Boardroom Conference